About Us

  • Community@ by L.W.P. Group (Live.Work.Play.) is an award-winning brand of urban properties concentrated in San Diego. At each location, there’s a fun formula at work: You+Us+We=Community. And together, we likely have a common appreciation for:

    • Comfortable, modern living and working environs
    • Affordable places and spaces of character and distinction
    • Urban-minded, lifestyle-driven conveniences
    • Cool stuff. Local stuff. Neighborhood stuff.
    • Craft beer

    Whichever Community@ property you favor, expect a professionally managed destination. Arrive here, settle in, and make the place your own. You’re a Community Member! It’s everything you hoped for — the "boutique" benefits of a "lifestyle hub" marked by tech-friendly common areas, seamless design, and Member social events (see Community Events) that allow shared interests to emerge and thrive. Welcome.

  • Community Gives

    Community Gives is the charitable giving arm of L.W.P. Group, Inc. Our mission is to support the traditions and enhance the quality of life in San Diego’s urban communities by providing greater access to education, arts and culture. Community Gives supports other 501(c)(3) organizations primarily involved in areas of education, arts and culture. These types of organizations are crucial to the growth of great, modern communities and inspire us on a daily basis. Community Gives represents a way to acknowledge and further their good work.

    Guiding Principles

    • Teamwork. Unity in the Community. We consistently seek grassroots participation from individuals to help elevate causes and organizations where we live, work and play.
    • Creativity. Inspiration is motivation. We respect all facets of creativity and strive to incorporate originality and innovation in pursuit of greater good.
    • Compassion. Hearts and minds. We live in the moment, in our community; raising awareness and creating solutions that help others.
    • Responsibility. Sensible and sound. We keep operating, administrative and overhead expenses low – below five percent – allowing more money for causes and organizations.

    Your Participation Requested

    OPT-IN: Participate in Community Gives

    As a Community Gives participant, you’ll play an important role in fundraising events and activities for a variety of worthy causes. It’s easy to opt-in to the Community Gives program – just reach out and tell us you’re interested. We’re happy to answer additional questions. Contact Christina Strangman at christina@lwpgroup.com.

    OPT-IN: Donation Program

    A monthly, $1.00 opt-in, charitable giving program is open to Community@’s residential and commercial members, as well as patrons of L.W.P. Group hospitality ventures. Your $1.00 contribution and those of all participants will be collected monthly or through a one-time annual $12 donation. All donations, and a dollar-for-dollar, Community Gives matching contribution, will support San Diego-area organizations. We hope you will join us in this exciting endeavor.

  • Community Events

    Community events are a variety of exciting activities we coordinate to support local organizations. These are creative, fun-focused parties-with-a-purpose that always draw crowds. As a Community Member, you’re always invited!

    Some of our recurring fundraising events and initiatives:

    Ping Pong Social:This fundraiser event is held each April. It includes the fun of a ping pong tournament, poolside social and silent auction. The 7th Annual event in 2014, raised more than $12,000. All proceeds from the silent auction and tournament go directly to the School of Business at San Diego High School, to help its hard-working students fund their senior trip to New York City.

    Bike4Beer: Each quarter, we invite Community members to join us at Bike4Beer riding and tasting events organized by LOVELIKEBEER, San Diego’s coolest craft beer and culinary ‘pop-up. The charitable spirit of the craft brewing, casual eats and of course, Community converges in fun and dynamic ways with each event.

    Community Work/Play: An office away from the office! Bring your laptop and work around the pool or play some ping pong.

    Community Swap: Come together with your neighbors to trade, sell or giveaway stuff. “One person’s trash is another’s treasure.” And whatever’s leftover, we donate to local charities.

Our Location

2632 National Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113
TEL (619) 235-5616
For General Info: info@lwpgroup.com
For Rental Inquiries: leasing@lwpgroup.com